Websocket protocol adapter

Websocket protocol adapter bridges Websocket requests with the ActiveMQ Transport. It therefore allows you to expose your services via Websocket API. ActiveMQ uses STOMP protocol on top of Websocket to provide high level API.

Protocol binding rules

Websocket protocol adapter uses STOMP protocol to interact with AMQP queue destination:

Here is a STOMP frame over Websocket:



This frame will be send to :


More information about STOMP over Websocket. You can also use your browser to pub/sub some messages to CloudPlatform environment

Starting Websocket protocol adapter

This section describes how to start Websocket protocol adapter.

Starting Websocket protocol adapter in a PaaS environment

PaaS distribution of Cloud Platform has Websocket protocol adapter included by default (listening on port 9090).

Starting Websocket protocol adapter programatically in Spring runtime

In the opposite way of the other protocol adapters, Websocket protocol adapter comes from ActiveMQ broker, just need the following jar into your POM file and set several system wide parameters


Then activate STOMP / Websocket to the Cloud Platform:

    import io.rhiot.cloudplatform.runtime.spring.CloudPlatform
    System.setProperty("spring.activemq.broker.websocketEnabled", "true");
    System.setProperty("spring.activemq.broker.websocketPort", "9090" );
    new CloudPlatform().start();

Spring runtime Configuration

By default Websocket connector listens on HTTP port 9090. You can change this port by setting spring.activemq.broker.websocketPort property.