Camel OpenIMAJ component

Camel OpenIMAJ component can be used to detect faces in images. Camel OpenIMAJ component supports only producer endpoints.

Maven dependency

Maven users should add the following dependency to their POM file:


Available for rhiot.version >= 0.1.3

URI format


Where label can be replaced with any text label:


This routes the input stream from the webcam to the openimaj component, when a face is detected the resulting body will be an instance of org.openimaj.image.processing.face.detection.DetectedFace, and List when there are multiple faces.

The component uses a face detector based on the Haar cascade by default, optionally set an alternate detector;


Using the ProducerTemplate, the following example uses the FKEFaceDetector which is a wrapper around the Haar detector, providing additional information by finding facial keypoints on top of the face;

KEDetectedFace face = template.requestBody("openimaj:face-detection?faceDetector=#fkeFaceDetector", inputStream, KEDetectedFace.class);
FacialKeypoint keypoint = face.getKeypoint(FacialKeypoint.FacialKeypointType.EYE_LEFT_LEFT);

The confidence in the face detection is set to the low default of 1, you can set the minimum confidence threshold on the endpoint;


URI Options Parameters

Option Default value Description
faceDetector new HaarCascadeDetector() `org.openimaj.image.processing.face.detection.HaarCascadeDetector' is the default face detector
confidence 1 The minimum confidence of the detection; higher numbers mean higher confidence.