Mailbox service

Mailbox service can be used to send messages to the devices. Each device has a server-side mailbox associated with it. If a message is put into into a device outbox, the former will be sent to a inbox of a destination device.

Mailbox API

If you would like to send a message to a device identified using ID targetDevice, send that message to the following channel:

BODY:       Map<String, Object> mail
HEADERS:    RHIOT_ARG_0 = targetDevice
CHANNEL:    mailbox.outbox

If you would like to subscribe to an inbox of a device identified as targetDevice, subscribe to the following channel:

CHANNEL:    inbox.targetDevice

Mail store

Each mail piece sent to the mailbox service is processed by io.rhiot.cloudplatform.service.mailbox.MailStore component when picked up from the outbox and before it is sent to a target inbox. Mail store provide a way to track the history of the mailing passed through the platform.

public interface MailStore {

    void save(String receiver, Map<String, Object> mail);



The io.rhiot.cloudplatform.service.mailbox.InMemoryMailStore is an implementation of mail store which keeps last message for each device in a memory. Keep in mind that InMemoryMailStore is not intended to be used in a production environment.

InMemoryMailStore store = new InMemoryMailStore();
Map<String, Object> mail = new HashMap<>();
mail.put("subject", "test");
mail.put("body", "Hello world!");"deviceId", mail);
Map<String, Map<String, Object>> allMails = store.mails();

Running mailbox service in Spring Boot runtime

In order to use mailbox service in your Spring Boot application add the following jar to your classpath:


Then start your platform:

import io.rhiot.cloudplatform.runtime.spring.CloudPlatform
new CloudPlatform().start();

As soon as platform is started mailbox service will be detected an initialized.

Configuring mail store in Spring Boot environment

If you would like to change default InMemoryMailStore implementation of mail store to something production-ready, add bean implementing MailStore interface to your application context:

import io.rhiot.cloudplatform.service.mailbox.MailStore
MailStore mailStore() {
    return new MyMailStore();