Camel GP2Y1010AU0F component

Camel GP2Y1010AU0F component can read data from Compact Optical Dust Sensor. It is designed to work with GP2Y1010AU0F sensor type.

Maven dependency

Maven users should add the following dependency to their POM file:


Avaliable for rhiot.version >= 0.1.4

URI format


The simplest way to read sensor data is to use following route:



Option Default value Description
consumer.delay 5000 Delay between each data read.
channelId 0 Spi interface channel id.
iled 1 Sensor configuration pin (GPIO pin number).
analogAddress 0 A/D Converter analog channel id.


To be able to use gp2y1010au0f component it is required to enable spi on your device. For Raspberry Pi following command can be used:

raspbian-config-boot tparam=spi on

A/D Converter

Because Raspberry Pi does not support analog inputs out of the box it is required to use some kind of converted (for instance


Wiring for default component configuration: