Camel Kura Cloud component

The Kura platform comes with CloudService which provides opinionated way to push and receive telemetry payloads. Camel Kura Cloud component provides a wrapper around CloudService instance provided by Kura. Kura Cloud component can be used to bride Camel routes with Kura CloudService. In particular to consume messages from CloudService to Camel routes. And to send messages from Camel routes to CloudService.

Maven dependency

Maven users should add the following dependency to their POM file:


Available starting from Rhiot 0.1.3

URI format


Both topicId applicationId must match MQTT topic pattern.

Please note that KuraCloudComponent comes with a static cache of cloud clients. It means that cloud client for a given application ID is created only once per Kura server and shared between OSGi bundles.

Optional URI Parameters

Parameter Default value Description
applicationId Kura application ID which can be used to override value from URI.
topic MQTT topicId
qos 0 MQTT semantic
retain false
priority 5 Kura Semantic
deviceId only works when control=true
control false if true, push a control message, else common message

Optional Headers

Majority of the producer endpoint options can be overridden by the headers provided in the exchange.

URI Parameter Message Header
topicId CamelKuraCloud.topicId
qos CamelKuraCloud.qos
retain CamelKuraCloud.retain
priority CamelKuraCloud.priority
deviceId CamelKuraCloud.deviceId
control CamelKuraCloud.control


In order to read messages from a cloud service, the following route syntax can be used:


In order to send a message to a cloud service, use the producer syntax:


Configuring endpoints

Cloud Service endpoints can be configured as any Camel component. So for example to apply custom quality of service to the message sent, use the qos endpoint option: