IoT field gateway is a small computer device deployed into a field and acting as a proxy between sensors and a data center.

Rhiot gateway support is primarily focused on providing some additional utilities to make working with Eclipse Kura based gateways easier. Kura has been proven to be a rock solid gateway solution in many production installations. Rhiot supports Kura 1.3.0.

The Rhiot's support for Kura is main focused on providing base Camel Kura router which can be extended to make development of Camel Kura modules easier. Rhiot comes with a set of additional IoT-focused components for Apache Camel. We also support a bunch of pretty useful tools, like Rhiot command line tool.

Rhiot mini gateway

Rhiot mini gateway is a small fat jar application wrapping a subset of Kura functionalities. Its primary target is to provide a rapid gateway software for makers and developers community. More details regarding Rhiot mini gateway can be found here.

Supported gateway platforms

Rhiot supports following gateway platforms:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 B+ with Raspbian Jessie