Rhiot release notes

0.1.5 (In progress)

0.1.4 (2015-02-29)


  • added Cloud PaaS platform
  • added IoT Connector module
  • added REST protocol adapter
  • added Leshan protocol adapter
  • added device management service
  • added binary service
  • added camera service
  • added mailbox service
  • added Camel Spark service
  • added Openalpr Camel component


  • added DeployManager#install processor
  • improved KuraCloudProducer DeviceId management
  • improved Kura DataTransportService lookup
  • renamed DataTransport to KuraDataTransport
  • corrected Big/Little Endian support in PI4J
  • added CamelCloudClient implementation of CloudClient interface
  • added camel device-io gpio component
  • tested Rhiot with Pi Zero
  • Kura Camel quickstart now provides custom icon
  • limited the number of GPSD restart retries
  • improved pin closing support in Pi4J component
  • provided rpi-kura docker image
  • added component for Compact Optical Dust Sensor (GP2Y1010AU0F)
  • added support for self-documenting commands
  • created kura-install command


  • Rhiot CMD should reuse host local Maven repository
  • SimplePortScanningDeviceDetector uses SSH to detect supported devices
  • Rhiot CMD should inform user that server is being downloaded and started
  • added send-to CMD command
  • added kura-install-felix-fileinstall command
  • improved validation messages generated by kura-config-bootdelegation


  • created new Rhiot logo
  • publishing Docker images with daily timestamps
  • provided fatjar-dockerclient image, so fat jars can call dockerized commands
  • upgraded fatjar docker image's JDK version and add it to release umbrella
  • created Rhiot custom banner

0.1.3 (2015-12-18)

New features:

  • Migrated documentation to GitBook (https://rhiot.gitbooks.io/rhiotdocumentation/content/)
  • Created #rhiot IRC channel for discussions :)
  • Added support for Kura gateways
  • Create RhiotKuraRouter
  • Created Rhiot shell
  • Created device-send command
  • Created kura-config-ini command
  • Provided “rhiot raspbian-install” command
  • Added “append” option to device-config command
  • Created camel-lwm2m component
  • Created GPIO component for camel-kura
  • Created Kura CloudService component
  • Created PojosrKuraServer
  • Created camel-framebuffer component
  • Created camel-bluetooth component
  • Created camel-openimaj component for face detection
  • Created Kura Camel quickstart
  • Add support for reading configuration from a thread local


  • Don’t install docker if MacOSX for rhiot command
  • Rhiot CMD should be using “DevAgent” background process
  • Camel-kura shouldn’t depend of “org.eclipse.kura.linux.net”
  • Made GPIOProducer more dynamic
  • camel-webcam should install v4l-utils if it’s not already installed
  • WebcamComponent should analyze modprobe result to ensure v4l2 module can be loaded
  • GPSD component should make sure that GPSD is installed

Bug fixes:

  • Provided state and shutdownState for kura-gpio Endpoint
  • GPIOProducer shouldn’t overwrite the “action” on each message
  • WebcamComponent#installer setter and getters are missing
  • WebCam component should not fail when non-root user is running it

0.1.2 (2015-10-22)

  • Deprecated BU353 component on the behalf of the GPSD component #232
  • Added GPS client coordinates type converter #213
  • Fixed: BU353 returns "FileNotFoundException: /dev/ttyUSB0 (Device or resource busy)" #210
  • Rhiot now supports reading Spring Boot application.properties file #226
  • Renamed com.github.camellabs.iot.vertx.camel.GroovyCamelVerticle to io.rhiot.vertx.camel.GroovyCamelVerticle #207
  • Moved camel-kura component from com.github.camellabs to io.rhiot package #195
  • Device detection is performed in parallel #218
  • Added "scan" command to the deployer #217
  • Deployer now allows to specify customized fat jar #216
  • Deployer now downloads the same gateway version as deployer version #215
  • Deployer now detects devices from multiple interfaces #214
  • Deployer now scans OSX network interfaces #202
  • Device Cloudlet MongoDB connection now timeouts faster #191
  • Add Webcam camel component, thx @levackt #238

0.1.1 (2015-09-15)

  • Changed project name from Camel Labs to Rhiot
  • Added Dockerized Rhiot Cloud #160.
  • Added device management cloudlet #114.
  • Added web UI (aka Cloudlet Console #129.
  • Created Rhiot Cloud demo site #155.
  • Added camel-gps-bu353 component #93.
  • Migrated Gateway core from Spring Boot to Vert.x #141 #120.
  • Gateway should start Jolokia REST API on port 8778, not 8080 #143.
  • Releasing Gateway core and application artifacts separately #126.
  • Renamed camellabs.iot.gateway.heartbeat.rate property to camellabs_iot_gateway_heartbeat_rate #124.
  • Gateway deletes logs after N megabytes limit is exceeded #104 #95.
  • Gateway reads properties from the /etc/default/camel-labs-iot-gateway #98.

0.1.0 (2015-06-02)